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Financial Poise Weekly Rundown

Note: Episodes 1-74 were produced under the name “Accredited Investor Markets Radio”. We changed the name to “Financial Poise Radio” starting with Episode 75.

Jun 13, 2015

Join Accredited Investor Markets Radio's Christopher Cahill and Funding Circle's Sam Hodges in Episode 39. They discuss how peer-to-peer lending companies have addressed a gap in credit availability to small businesses, while presenting accredited and institutional investors with opportunities to select risk levels as well as types of portfolio diversification in taking slices of loans to small businesses.  The irony is that -- in light of P2P's growth -- banks are proposing to partner with P2P lenders, thus taking tentative steps back into the very lending space they vacated.


You can find out more about Sam Hodges and Funding Circle here.

Or you can find them here:

Twitter: @FundingCircleUS; @HodgesSam

LinkedIn: Funding Circle; Sam Hodges




About Sam Hodges


As Co-Founder and U.S. Managing Director, Sam is responsible for overseeing the overall strategic direction and day-to-day operation of Funding Circle in the U.S.  Under his leadership, the U.S. business has grown exponentially since its foundation in 2012 and has emerged as the world’s largest online marketplace exclusively focused on small business loans. He co-founded the company after seeing how hard it was to get a loan for a small business, a successful gym franchise, he helped build.


Before co-founding Funding Circle, Sam served as Vice President of Business Development at SecondMarket, the leading marketplace for alternative investments. There, Sam was responsible for corporate and business development and the company's geographic expansion efforts. Sam was also part of the investment team at Pequot Capital, an $8 billion global fund manager, where he covered investments in financial technology and information services. He started his career as a strategy consultant at Katzenbach Partners, where he advised financial services and technology companies.


Sam currently serves on the boards of two private companies. He received his MBA and MS from Stanford University and graduated, magna cum laude, from Brown University.