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Financial Poise Weekly Rundown

Note: Episodes 1-74 were produced under the name “Accredited Investor Markets Radio”. We changed the name to “Financial Poise Radio” starting with Episode 75.

Nov 13, 2015

This week Chris Cahill speaks with Neha Manaktala, the founder and CEO of DealIndex, Inc., whose Dashboard feature provides real-time standardized metrics on private company deals across the globe.  We discussed how current and comparable information, filtered by sector, location, deal size, and other factors fosters world-wide transactional activity, including by accredited investors and the crowd. Join this informative conversation in Episode 61 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio.


You can find out more about Neha Manaktala and DealIndex here.


Or you can find them here:

Twitter: @NehaManaktala; @DealIndex

LinkedIn: Neha Manaktala; DealIndex




About Neha Manaktala


Neha is an entrepreneur and finance professional with diverse experience, from investment banking, private equity and start-ups. She has a unique combination of fundraising experience from top tier financial institutions and has experience in co-founding, leading and running a previous start-up. She has global experience from London and Mumbai and has worked with teams, clients and investors across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. 


Neha began her career in the investment banking division of Morgan Stanley in Mumbai in the early 2000’s. In 2006, she was recruited as part of the core team to establish Lehman Brothers’ investment banking division in India. In 2010, Neha rejoined Morgan Stanley’s technology investment banking team in London, before joining the fundraising team at Actis Private Equity, the leading global pan-emerging markets firm. In 2012, Neha co-founded and was COO at Vizibee, an aggregated quality mobile video platform, for original short video from Publishers, including the BBC.