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Financial Poise Weekly Rundown

Note: Episodes 1-74 were produced under the name “Accredited Investor Markets Radio”. We changed the name to “Financial Poise Radio” starting with Episode 75.

May 1, 2015

Join Accredited Investor Markets Radio this week for Episode 34 as host Christopher Cahill speaks with Scott Picken, founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, the premier global real estate investment marketplace (with crowdfunding technology). Their discussion covers investing in real estate outside of US borders, i.e., how to make it less opaque but also how to assess risk.  Mr. Picken, originally from South Africa, cut his teeth on London real estate and has vast experience in US and Australian markets as well as broad experience in other markets.  He also recently published Property Going Global, a book on cross-border real estate investment.


You can learn more about Scott Picken and Wealth Migrate here and here.


Or you can find him here:

Twitter @Scott_Picken






About Scott Picken


Scott Picken is the author of Property Going Global and the founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, the premier online global real estate investment marketplace. He is an expert in global real estate markets with more than 16 years of experience. Wealth Migrate offers investors access to below-market real estate in first world markets through crowdfunding technology with a low investment minimum of just $10,000 USD. Originally from South Africa, he founded his first real estate investment firm at age 26, International Property Solutions (IPS). Through IPS and Wealth Migrate, he works to realize his vision of revolutionizing the real estate industry through crowdfunding technology to provide a single hub for real estate investors to build wealth and manage their portfolios.



Scott founded Wealth Migrate to provide a single hub for real estate investors to manage their portfolios and build wealth. During the global financial crisis in 2008, he realized the opportunity in investing in undervalued property markets was inspired to capitalize on the growing crowdfunding movement to open access to wealth-building international assets to investors worldwide. Through Wealth Migrate and other channels, Scott is spearheading “The Wealth Movement,” an initiative to inspire entrepreneurism in the upcoming generation of business leaders and to expand access to wealth for all investors.