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Financial Poise Weekly Rundown

Note: Episodes 1-74 were produced under the name “Accredited Investor Markets Radio”. We changed the name to “Financial Poise Radio” starting with Episode 75.

Aug 21, 2015

This week Allen Kors, CEO of, talks about student loans and lenders with Accredited Investor Markets Radio in Episode 49. His company is the first on-line student loan comparison platform and is really a kind of matchmaker. The company would have a traditional or non-traditional student turn to it to "make me a match, find me a find" among a wide variety of student loans from lenders large and small, including among them, disruptive fintech upstarts. also strives to clarify what had been a murky market.


Find out more about Allen Kors and AchieveLending here.


Or you can find them here:

Twitter: @AchieveLending

LinkedIn: AchieveLending; Allen Kors





About Allen Kors


Allen Kors is Founder and CEO of, the first ever student loan comparison tool. At just 27 years old he left his job in banking to form his own financial technology company which offers users a free online portal to search, find, and compare student loans. Designed to help both traditional and non-traditional students find the best student loans, Achieve Lending is the first tool of its kind to aggregate loan offers for those seeking private financing for educational purposes.

Kors founded the company after six years of working in the finance and banking industry, during which time he saw a lot of friends and students make poorly informed choices when it comes to choosing student loans. Even his own student loan choice was uninformed- he had other options but didn't explore them. This decision has cost him thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. aims to help users find the most competitive interest rate while empowering users by providing financial education on the loan process and terminology.


Achieve Lending is on a mission to empower others to make more informed decisions when it comes to financing their education. Through their online portal,, the web tool allows users to search, find, and compare multiple student loan offers all in one place, in as little as 30 seconds. By allowing students to discern between competitive interest rates, helps users save money and borrow on their terms, by helping them find an education that best fits their needs. Find out more and browse loan offers at